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Bethel Mandate

As in early church, the founders of Bethel relied on the Power of the Holy Spirit in all their endeavors.  Wonders and miracles were common events at every prayer meeting. Persecution was common, but they were of one accord – one heart and one soul, one intent, purpose and concentration.

They received directive with the following clear conditions:

  1. Don’t speak about what to wear or to eat. Ask converts to give their hearts to the Lord. Preach holiness, righteousness.
  2. Do not allow outside evangelists who will change the program of God in Bethel. Only Bethel trained workers of God should be allowed to lead in Bethel.
  3. Do not carry money to other places. Use your money as God will direct you.
  4. Do not tell members not to attend hospitals. This is not to deny the power of spiritual healing but to allow those with little or no faith, to use medical care as they understand. (Acts 5: 29).
  5. God will correct your wrong doings and use you to correct the wrong doing of others.
  6. Bethel is a University – a training school. God will raise Apostles, Pastors, Evangelists, Teachers, and Prophets.
  7. Call all the Assemblies you establish CAC Mount Bethel Assemblies for I have a covenant with you over that name. As the Lord was with Jacob, so will He be with Bethel. (Lk. 4:41-42; Acts 14: 9-28).
  8. The proof of God’s Word will be that death will be infrequent in Bethel Assemblies. As leaders continue to pray together and enjoy unity of purpose
  9. Further instructions were received. Among them is the establishment of Peace Rally every month end.
  10. Bethel is part and parcel of the CAC. Bethel is a:
    • Corrective
    • Stabilizing
    • Modernizing
    • Non partisan arm of CAC

Bethel has always been the modern arm of CAC. It started worship in English language from as far back as 1971 in Ife. Several of the educated, the intelligentsia, professionals and the rich in CAC today have their roots in Bethel.

  1. Never despise prophecy, honour, reference and obey the Words of God.
  2. Let your Praise be more than your request in all your prayers. “Praise is my food; feed me and I will feed you without asking.”
  3. Give more time to prayer, the Word than to money collection.