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Bethel History


CAC Mount Bethel Zone was born from a prophecy that took place in 1966 at the Abadina Ibadan  residence of our Late Mama Prophetess  Joannah Ogunranti during a morning prayer where Baba Pastor A. M. A. Imevbore and four others were present including Mr. Tape, Mr. Ajadi, Mr. Imevbore (Pastor A. M. A. Imevbore’s brother). The Prayer meeting witnessed tremendous growth and metamorphosed into C. A. C. Mount Bethel which later became a Special District. Special Districts were created by the Authority of Christ Apostolic Church Worldwide to accommodate the peculiarity of Special Districts where location of assemblies in the district may not be contiguous and indeed they may be separated over space. Bethel Special District has this peculiarity. The three foundation districts in CAC Mt. Bethel Special District were created in April, 2004. The three districts were Ile-Ife, Effurun/Warri and Ajaokuta Districts and the foundation District Superintendents were Pastor C. E. Onukaogu, Pastor G. C. Arubayi and Pastor I. O. Akinola respectively. In September 2018, the District became C. A. C. Mount Bethel Zone with Pastor C. E. Onukaogu as the Zonal Superintendent. Ile- Ife is the Zonal Headquarters of C. A. C. Mount Bethel Zone. The  Headquarters is at Ede Road, Ile-Ife.  It is the seat of the Retired Chairman of CAC Bethel Special District, Pastor A. M. A. Imevbore. It is also the seat of the Current Zonal Superintendent), Pastor C. E. Onukaogu. The postal address is P. O. Box 1072, Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Nigeria.


The three foundation districts in Bethel Special District (Ile-Ife, Effurun/Warri and Ajaokuta) have experienced tremendous growth that three more viable districts (Osogbo, Ibadan and Lagos) have been created from the foundation three districts by the authorities of Christ Apostolic Church in May, 2019. Their respective Superintendents are Pastors O. Atoyebi, Pastor Bode Ojo and Pastor Isaiah Dada.

CAC Mount Bethel has branches in other African countries and in Diaspora e.g. in continents/countries like North America and Europe.